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16 January 2012


The social and philanthropic work of our Church is carried out both through the specialized diocesan departments, as well as through the associations and foundations operating unde the blessing of the dioceses.

During the last years it has become obvious that this work must be consolidated in order to increase the impact of the social and philanthropic action of the Church at a regional and national level. Thus, in order to unify and bring together the existing energies and resources, the directors of the diocesan social work departments have suggested to incorporate the energy of those NGOs in a federation-like structure, which would act in a unified manner, based on a common strategy of social involvement at a national level.

This initiative came to life in 2007, when the strongest and most representative eight organizations from the dioceses of the Romanian Patriarchate, active in all 8 development regions in Romania, requested the Holy Synod of the Church – the highest governance body of the Romanian Orthodox Church, for the blessing to create such a structure, to operate under their high auspices.

The Holy Synod approved this initiative and thus, Federaţia Filantropia was born as the official operating union of philanthropic organizations within the Romanian Patriarchate. This form of organization, similar to that of the Patriarchate, offers unity of action to its members, at a national level, and, at the same time, allows them to maintain their own identity and implement their own action plan at a local level.

On May 29, 2008, the Statute and By Laws of the organization were registered. In 2009, the Federation received five new members, and in 2010, the number of members of the of the Federation reached sixteen. In 2011, was recevied one more organization, thus the number of the current members of the Federation is set at 17.