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16 January 2012

“Matei Basarab” Social and Cultural Association

The “Matei Basarab” Socio-Cultural Association was established in 2002 as a non-governmental organization under the auspices of the Diocese of Slobozia and Călăraşi at the initiative of the worthy of remembrance His Grace Bishop Damaschin. The Association has Christian, social and cultural basis and aims to help people in need.

Through its activities, the organization supports the following categories: children, the seniors, persons seeking employment, people with disabilities, or families with limited material possibilities, the sick, refugees, migrants, prisoners and their families.

The Association aims to develop an integrated social services and social care in order to offer appropriate solutions to help those in need by providing direct services and developing a support network.

Honorary President:
His Grace Vincenţiu, Bishop of Slobozia and Călăraşi

Executive Director:
Fr. counselor Daniel-George Sturzoiu

Str. Episcopiei nr. 2, Slobozia, Ialomiţa county
Tel./ Fax: (0040 243) 231.154
e-mail: ascmb_slobozia@yahoo.com