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16 January 2012

St. Sava – Foundation for Children

After 1990, the phenomenon of street children has grown. To help them, at the initiative of Father Prof. Mihail Milea, PhD and with the blessing of His Eminence Epifanie, Archbishop of Buzău and Vrancea, the Foundation for Children “Sf. Sava de la Buzău” was established on April 12, 1993, the feast day of Saint Sava. The organization is operating within “Sfântul Sava” Municipal Cathedral.

“Sf. Sava Foundation is itself a divine miracle and a living proof that God is great. The Foundation began as a grain of mustard seed like in the Gospel, which today has become a large tree with many branches, through the Holy Spirit and the sacrifice of many Orthodox Christians who have struggled with time and no time to good achievement for peers around them, regardless of ethnicity, religion, gender or social status”, says father Milea, president of the Foundation.

The Foundation is a charitable and social institution, dedicated to humanitarian and cultural events. It developed a number of philanthropic programmes in the country and also abroad: in Moldova, Kosovo and Serbian lands.

President: Fr. professor Mihail Milea, PhD

Director: Ionuţ Vuţă

Str. Bistriţei nr. 19, Buzău, Buzău county
Tel./ fax: (0040 238) 710 349
Mobil: (0040 724) 216 203 (fr. Mihail Milea)
e-mail: sfsavabz@yahoo.com