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16 January 2012

Diaconia – Social Mission

The “Diaconia” Social Mission is a non-governmental organization which operates in the social field on the territory of the Republic of Moldova, under the patronage of Metropolitanate of Bessarabia.

The organization aims to promote the Christian charity concept and to awake the public awareness on the problems of the vulnerable people in society. “Diaconia’s” main objectives are: material or financial support for the persons in need, setting-up some volunteers groups which will get involved in providing certain social services, sustaining the activity of various social settlements.

“Diaconia” Social Mission inaugurated in 2011 one of the biggest social centre of Metropolitanate of Bessarabia – “ În braţele mamei” Maternal Centre. The organization intends for this settlement to become an important milestone of the quality social services provided to the mothers with children in need.

Igor Belei

General Secretary:
Oleg Paraschiv

Str. Criuleni 22 (Cartierul Posta Veche), Chisinau, Moldova Republic
Tel. (00 373 22) 463228, (00 373 22) 463231, (00 373 22) 463234      
Fax. (00 373 22) 463229
E-mail: office@diaconia.md

Communication Coordinator: Anna Zastavneţcaia
e-mail: annazastavnetcaia@gmail.com