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16 January 2012

FORTE – Sustainable Training for Social Partnership

Starting date of the project: September 1, 2010
Period of implementation: 36 months
Beneficiaries: The Patriarchal Administration and 9 dioceses:
Archdiocese of Sibiu, Archdiocese of Timişoara, Archdiocese of Alba Iulia, Archdiocese of Roman and Bacău, Archdiocese of Lower Danube, Diocese of Oradea, Diocese of Severin and Strehaia, Diocese of Giurgiu and Diocese of Tulcea.
Main applicant: ‘Filantropia’ Federation
Partners: Romanian Patriarchate, Instituto de Formacion Integral and Global Commercium Development.

Through FORTE, ‘Filantropia’ Federation is aiming to support the organizational development process in the Patriarchal Administration and in 9 dioceses of the Romanian Orthodox Church, based on specific and priorities identified at a local level. Thus FORTE extends a pilot project started in 2009 in the Archdioceses of Bucharest, Iasi and Craiova is expanded.