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16 January 2012

Territorial Network of Christian Social Services Providers – Strategic Partners in Social Inclusion Area

Starting date: October 1, 2009
End date: March 1st, 2012

Period of implementation: 24 months
Beneficiaries: the Patriarchal Administration and 3 dioceses: the Archdiocese of Bucharest, the Archdiocese of Iaşi, and the Archdiocese of Craiova.
Main applicant: International Orthodox Christian Charities (IOCC) Romania
Partners: ‘Filantropia’ Federation and the Romanian Patriarchate

The project aims at developing the organizational ability of the social and philanthropic action structures of the three dioceses (Bucharest, Iaşi, and Craiova) of the Romanian Patriarchate, as a pilot phase of a plan for the development of the ability of the Romanian Orthodox Church at a national level, such that it becomes a powerful strategic partner for the Government in the field of social inclusion.