At the intersection of the winter and spring seasons, between February and March this year, when nature is reborn to grow, the CRESC team, within the project „CRESC – Capacity, Responsibility, Efficiency, Sustainability and Quality through organizational development”, implemented by The Filantropia Federation was present in 5 localities in Romania to carry out the Organizational Development Needs Identification Workshops of the 5 beneficiary NGOs: Christian Charity and Aid Association „Ovidenia Bacău 2005”, Orthodox Philanthropy Association Huși, Diaconal Center Association „Casa Creștină Târgoviște”, „Porolissum Philanthropy” Sălaj Association and „Maramureșean Philanthropy” Association.

The start of this activity was given by our colleague, Cristian Neguț, who was, between February 17-19, 2022, in Bacău, at the Christian Charity and Aid Association „Ovidenia Bacău 2005”. Thus, on the first day, they were approached the 6 areas of organizational development, the agreed results obtained during the interviews were presented, making a review of the level in each area. The workshop continued with the completion of the evaluation process and the construction of an action plan to increase the sustainability of the organization in the following two years.

Our journey through the country continued with the workshops to identify organizational development needs on February 21-23. through a stop in Huși, at the Huși Orthodox Philanthropy Association, where I found a young team eager for development. The three days of workshops were rich in interaction, and at the end of them, the team of the Husi Orthodox Philanthropy Association, after evaluating the strengths and weaknesses, created an „organizational growth” plan.

The beginning of spring found us in Sălaj where we were welcomed by the Porolissum Association team. Thus, between February 28 and March 2, 2022, we supported workshops to identify organizational development needs.

The participants were receptive to the organized activities and established, at the end of them, an organizational plan that would allow them a sustainable growth in the field of organizational development.

On March 14-16 this year. we were in Târgoviște, at the Association of the Diaconal Center „Casa Creștină Târgoviște”, where we carried out the planned workshops with much more. The beneficiaries present at the workshops were animated by the desire for organizational development and were actively involved in their activities.
The last workshop to identify organizational development needs, out of the five planned, within the „CRESC – Capacity, Responsibility, Efficiency, Sustainability and Quality through organizational development” project, was held in Baia Mare at the Maramuresian Philanthropy headquarters, in the company of some of its members. Their involvement in the activities was commensurate with the interest shown and the results obtained after the three days of workshops materialized in a very optimistic organizational development plan.

We wish good luck to all the beneficiaries involved in these workshops and hope for sustained growth of the NGOs they represent!
We work together for a green, competitive and inclusive Europe!
We learn, build, grow together!
Filantropia Federation
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