We started the third course, through the CRESC project, as a result of the need for training and specialization that emerged during the evaluation stage of the organizational development needs of the 5 beneficiary NGOs of the project. Thus, the Social Services Manager course, COR code 112039, is authorized and includes the following skills:

1. Ensuring the organizational management of the social service
2. Ensuring the financial management of the social service
3. Ensuring the management of human resources within the social service
4. Coordination of information management at the social service level
5. Quality assurance in social services
6. Application of professional standards and professional ethics in the Management of social services
7. Coordinating and ensuring the development of the types of activities appropriate to the specificity of the beneficiary of social services
8. Coordination and application of intervention techniques, evaluation and monitoring methods and techniques in social services
9. Ensuring the implementation of public policies and development strategies in the social field

The number of hours required to complete the course is 360 hours, of which 120 are theory and 240 are practical, and the medium through which it is supported is the ZOOM platform. The number of participants is 18 people from the 5 NGOs in the target group of the project who want to specialize in order to be with the respective NGO’s team and help it develop organizationally. After taking the course and the graduation exam, participants will obtain a Certificate of Graduation, recognized at the national level.

We wish good luck to all the beneficiaries involved in these workshops and hope for sustained growth of the NGOs they represent!
We work together for a green, competitive and inclusive Europe!
We learn, build, grow together!
Filantropia Federation
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