Expression of interest for Programme Operators

Integrated Emergency Interventions for the displaced persons from Ukraine in Iasi and Suceava Counties

(In accordance with Article 2.5.3 of the Bilateral Fund Agreement and Article 4.7 of the Regulations on the implementation of the EEA and Norwegian Financial Mechanisms 2014-2021)

Programme number:
Programme title: Local Development, Poverty Reduction and Enhanced Roma Inclusion
Programme Operator: Romanian Social Development Fund (RSDF)
Donor Programme Partner(s): Norwegian Association of Local and Regional Authorities (KS)


Amount requested from the Fund for bilateral relations:

Pre-defined initiatives to be implemented by PO/DPP: 0 €
Pre-defined initiatives to be implemented by other entities: 169.916,90 €
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TOTAL 169.916,90 €



[Outline here a summary of the planned use of the requested bilateral funds, including any major initiatives planned. If the funds will be re-granted, this should be described here, including selection procedures, planned eligible applicants and partners.]


The Russia’s invasion of conflict in Ukraine has greatly affected the civilian population through the destruction of infrastructure and has forced people to flee their homes.

According to the article written by UNICEF ​​Romania, on May 12, 2022, amid the war in Ukraine, large flows of refugees of over 5.9 million people arrived in neighboring states, including the Czech Republic, Moldova, Poland, Romania, Slovakia and Hungary. Over 90% of refugees are women and children. In terms of speed and magnitude, this refugee crisis is unprecedented since World War II.

Romania began receiving refugees on February 24, 2022. From the beginning of the conflict until May 12, 912,090 Ukrainians arrived in Romania. Of these, about 89,000 people are still in the country. It is estimated that 34% of Ukrainian refugees in Romania are children. According to UNHCR, more than 5 million refugees have fled Ukraine seeking safety, protection, and assistance in neighboring countries, including Romania.

Filantropia Federation (Federatia Filantropia) and its member NGOs have been active in several border areas, providing support for accommodation, transport, food, financial and material donations.

As the humanitarian situation continues, civilians must be protected, and humanitarian access must be granted for those delivering aid to people impacted by war. Several organizations, including the Romanian Government have already organized the first set of assistance – shelter, food, medicines, medical supplies, transportation etc.

According to the above information, we mention that the greatest need for support of refugees in Ukraine was identified in the border points in the North of the country (Suceava and Iasi).

Currently needs analysis

Currently the situation of refugees has changed, their influx has started to decrease and also their interest to stay for a longer period of time on our territory. As a result, the needs identified at the beginning also changed. Assessing the major needs of refugees at present, it has been established that they are:

– the constant supply of hot food for refugees in transit;

– providing social and psychological support services through thematic activities.

The bilateral initiative will implement the following set of activities, contributing to the following specific objectives:


1. To cover the emergency needs of the refugees coming from Ukraine in terms of food.


1.1. Acquisition and equipment of one food-truck in Suceava county, to provide hot meals for refugees passing through this territory, respectively 2.000 refugees during 6 months.

The needs of displaces persons have changed in order that they are more in transition in our country, that’s why we want to come in their help and give them food in time they are passing by.

In this activity, the Ukrainian beneficiaries who are in transit in the Siret customs will benefit from a hot meal.

This meal will contain a consistently warm package, it will be diversified so that it can be consumed by adults and children. Also, there will be provided baby milk.

Warm food will also be accompanied by a well-chosen dessert, water and tea.

The supply of food to displaced persons in Ukraine will be permanently, provided 24 hours a day. Hot food will be served during the day. During the night, the food stored in refrigerated boxes will be heated and served as hot food to the beneficiaries. The food will be prepared by qualified personnel (cook and cook’s assistant) and will be served with the help of the volunteers of the Filantropia Federation in containers, in accordance with the hygiene standards in force.


2. Supporting refugees for easier accommodation in a new country


2.1 Organizing thematic excursions for refugee children and their companions, from Iasi area.

There are still refugees of children and adults seeking support in the area of ​​Moldova, respectively in Iasi and Suceava counties. In order to come to the psychological and emotional support of the refugees, it is proposed to organize thematic excursions for Ukrainian children and their companions (parents, grandparents etc.).

This activity proposes to organize five thematic excursions. By participating to this excursion, Ukrainian refugees children and their family members will benefit of: transportation, food for three days (breakfast, lunch and dinner), hotel accommodation and access to various tourist attractions in the area of ​​Moldova.

These excursions aim to create an opportunity for Ukrainian refugees children and their family members to adapt more easily to a strange country (where they have been forced to arrive) by visiting places with a cultural and spiritual charge, similar to their country of origin, giving them a real mental and social comfort. More than that, the children will be involved during these trips in various recreational and fun activities, specific to their age. In this way they are being help to overcome the trauma they got because the war.

All these trips will put the refugees in contact with Romanian citizens, which will help them to integrate more easily in the community.

These excursions are a long-term benefit for children and their families and a real advantage in the period of adaptation and integration into the new life.

A trip will consist of 15 children and 30 companions from their family and project staff (1 social worker, 1 psychologist, 2 translators and 1 volunteer). The itinerary will be the same for all beneficiaries, who will be different from trip to trip. The main tourist objectives will be the cultural, recreational and spiritual ones.

The duration of the trip will be 3 days and 2 night and will have the following route:

Day 1: visiting tourist objectives from Iasi city, Targu Neamt city with his tourist objectives (Neamt Fortress, Holliday Village, Humulesti village and Neamt Monastery) – Gura Humorului city (accommodation).

Day 2: visiting tourist objectives from Gura Humorului (nature parks, monastery that are in UNESCO patrimony), Cacica (the monument of salinity) – Suceava city (accommodation).

Day 3: visiting tourist objectives from Suceava city (Suceava Fortress, museums and other touristic objectives).

Target groups

Displaces persons (women, children and elderly people) coming from Ukraine, who are in transition to other western countries and those with no means, who will stay longer in Romania.

About 2.000 beneficiaries for food and 225 beneficiaries for trips.