Between November 14 and 16, 2022, the course took place „Team Management”.

During the 3 days of the course, the following themes were presented and debated:

– Let’s get to know each other, the objectives of the course;
– About the team – expectations and lessons learned;
– Me and my work, what I like, what I want to develop;
– What is a team? What are the advantages/disadvantages of teamwork in your organization?;
– The team, my role and that of others to be successful;
– Building relationships in multidisciplinary teams;
– Communication perspectives: methods, barriers, lessons learned;
– Defining tasks, assigning them to the team – what is a functional team;
– Strengthening team relations;
– The involvement triangle: goals, planning, action, tasks, benefits and constraints of teamwork; how do you build a successful team;
– Success or stress – how to motivate ourselves and others;
– Non-financial methods of motivation;
– Resolving conflicts in a team;

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