Between October 30 and November 2, 2022, the course took place „Organizational monitoring and evaluation”, supported by Ms. Roxana Braga, trainer in this field.

The following topics were presented and debated on the agenda:

– Functions of management
– What does monitoring and evaluation mean?
– The evaluation process
– Evaluation within the organization
– External evaluation
– The challenges encountered in the evaluation processes
– About evaluation: What is evaluated, what methods do we use?
– About monitoring:
– What is it, what is it for, what is being monitored, who is monitoring
– Data collection methods in monitoring
– Monitoring tools
– About performance
– What do criteria and performance indicators mean?
– What is a standard? How is it defined?
– What is a performance standard?
– How do we measure the performance of people in the organization?
– How do we measure performance in the organization? (areas of development in the organization)
– Maintaining high standards in organizations.

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