Between September 28-30, 2022, the course took place

„Monitoring, evaluation and supervision in social services”, supported by Mr. Alexandru Gulei, trainer and executive director in within the Iași Alternative Social Association, partner organization in the CRESC project.

The following topics were presented and debated on the agenda:

– Operationalization of organizational values and principles for the creation and implementation of social services;
– Values and principles – catalysts of personal motivation a social services staff;
– Inclusion of assessment tools in service design social;
– Establishing the reference framework for monitoring processes and evaluation;
– Use of various sources of information (legislation, standards, strategies, action plans, national policies and organizational, collaborators, financiers, beneficiaries, etc.);
– Evaluation and monitoring – definitions, purpose, typology, instruments;
– Staff training for the implementation of the tools monitoring and evaluation (use of work methodologies, a minimum quality standards, etc.);
– The advantages of harmonizing indicators from protection programs social in monitoring and evaluation processes;
– Supervision in social assistance – functions, conditions, typology, practical implications.

The course was a very engaging exercise for the participants, who showed a lot of attention and involvement in the view professional „growth” in the organizations where they come from.

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