The Manager course in social services, COR code 112039, continues with a series of modules in August. Thus, the skills addressed in the first part of August, by the trainer with the course participants, were:

– Module 2, Financial Management, with approaches about the organization’s resources, money and financial instruments, financial instruments, the accounting balance, assets and liabilities, costs, profitability threshold and financial indicators, performance indicators;
– Module 3, Human Resources Management, with discussions on HR functions and the importance of HR strategy, HR planning and recruitment and selection, the selection interview and discrimination, the individual employment contract, integration, employee evaluation, active listening and feedback;
– Module 4, Coordination of information management at the social service level with details about information and data, information flow, managerial decision-making.

The course will continue in September with the following modules: Module 5 – Quality assurance in social services, Module 6 – Application of professional standards and professional ethics in management, Module 7 – Coordination and ensuring the development of the types of activities appropriate to the specificity of the beneficiary of social services, Module 8 – Coordination and application of intervention techniques, evaluation and monitoring methods and techniques in social services and Module 9 – Ensuring the implementation of public policies and development strategies.

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