Between 15.06.2022 – 16.07.2022, the Filantropia Federation, through the ”CRESC project – Capacity, Responsibility, Efficiency, Sustainability and Quality through organizational development”, runs the professional training program, Project Manager specialization, COR code 242101, in the online environment on the platform ZOOM.

With a total number of 120 training hours, the course is addressed to licensed persons, who come from the 5 NGOs in the target group targeted by the organizational development process planned in the project and who wish that through the theoretical and practical knowledge acquired in the course to represent support for the organizations they serve.

Through this course, participants will acquire specific competencies/skills regarding:

1. Establishing the purpose of the project;
2. Establishing the integrated management requirements of the project;
3. Planning activities and project milestones;
4. Managing the use of operational costs and resources for the project;
5. Carrying out procurement procedures for the project;
6. Risk management;
7. Project team management;
8. Communication management within the project;
9. Project quality management;

The project coordinator is a reference person in a non-governmental organization, as the main funding resources come from the implementation of projects from various funders.

The „Project Manager” course, code COR 242101, is authorized by the National Qualifications Authority and will be completed with a graduation exam. The graduation certificate obtained is recognized at national level and is authorized by the Ministry of Labor and Social Justice and the Ministry of National Education.

We wish good luck to all the beneficiaries involved in these workshops and hope for sustained growth of the NGOs they represent!
We work together for a green, competitive and inclusive Europe!
We learn, build, grow together!
Filantropia Federation
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